Paruht HDMI Male to DVI 24+5 Female Converter Adapter


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Adapter – HDMI Male to DVI 24+5 Female Converter 

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PARUHT HDMI Male to DVI 24+5 Female Converter Gold-Plated 1080P HDMI to DVI Adapter Compatible with Laptop, PC, PS3, PS4, TV, Set Top Box MHFD1

  • HDMI male connector on one end DVI-I (24+5) female connector on the other end.
  • High quality HDMI DVI-I Adapter converts HDMI male to DVI-I female (24+5 pin).
  • HDMI provides an interface between any HDMI enabled audio / video source, such as DVD player, projector, A/V receiver, set-top box or audio / video monitor
  • HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable
  • HDMI Male to DVI-I Female Converter with corrosion-resistant golden plated connector.This HDMI DVI-I Converter makes it easy to enjoy the ultra-high definition video.

This HDMI Converter Adapter is perfect for use with computers (MAC, PC) DVD players, TV sets (including HDTV sets), PowerBook G4, flat panel LCD monitors and high-end video graphics cards and video projectors. Basically, any device that uses DVI/HDCP connectors. HDMI, the hottest high-definition digital audio/video standard, this HDMI Male to Female Adapter is compatible with all digital video connection, DVI. So, if you’ve got DVI components (like DVD player, Cable box, HDTV tuner with DVI outputs) in your system and buy a new HDMI-capable component (like Plasma TV or projector), compatibility is guaranteed! This DVI Converter Adapter will be a good choice for you. Features: support 720p 1080i 1080p high-definition signal format transmission, you can connect from the laptop HDMI interface DVI interface monitor. Also available from DVI interface to desktop connect the HDMI interface to the TV. Range: for computers, set-top boxes, PS3, projectors, television, monitors and other equipment HDMI interface and DVI interface transfer. Plug: gold-plated. Specification: Dual shield, anti-interference, the maximum reduction of signal cross, to ensure no error transmission. Completely isolated from the external signal interference. Note: This section adapter can only achieve the transmission of digital signals, can not transmit analog signals.

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